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February 7, 2014

Teeth In A Day

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Teeth in a Day in Cerritos, Ca

Radio and TV advertisements claim that you can walk in the dental office in the morning with decayed, loose, and rotting teeth and walk out in the afternoon with new permanent teeth. What is this? How does it work?

First, let’s figure out who is a candidate for this treatment. Obviously, those with loose rotten teeth that have become stained and crooked over time would be the best candidates. However, suppose you have been wearing removable bridges hooked onto the front teeth. Now those front teeth are no longer able to take the brunt of holding bridges, withstand chewing food, and to provide an appealing smile. Is it worth expensive dental treatment to fix up what is left and have another set of removable bridges only to have the teeth fail completely in a few years? I cannot answer that question, but I can suggest an alternative.

Teeth in a day basically involves preplanning a restorative option that includes removing all the remaining teeth in the lower or upper jaw, placing 4-6 permanent implants, and securing a fixed full bridge over the implants at one sitting. This bridge does not come out, allows for strong chewing, and the teeth are brushed as usual. There is no denture adhesive needed, no altered taste, and teeth do not come out when brushing. Visits to restaurants are routine and those live active life styles like surfing and swimming are no longer fearful of losing their removable teeth.

Usually, the “teeth in a day” procedure involves coordination with your dentist, surgeon and laboratory. Your dentist will guide you through this process and make recommendations based on the amount of dental destruction that has gone on in the mouth. Then the dental team will get records (like photos, models, examination) and plan on a path of action. Once teeth are removed, implants placed, and bridge secured there is a rest period of 4-6 months for healing. Then your dental team will manufacture a stronger bridge for secure long lasting wear.

So teeth in a day can happen. It may take a few visits to have everything ready for the big day. It is a good idea to plan for a few follow-up visits to insure a good long term outcome.

Costs will vary so ask your dentist about the affordability of this process.

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